My Story of Cybros | Intra College Hackathon

This Intra College Hackathon was a competition cum learning event. There were mentors to resolve the doubts and difficulties of contestants to help them create that awesome product they have been intending to.

Time, Venue & Rules :

The hackathon was organized on 04 April, 2017 at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur by Cybros Club. It started at 0900 hours and was mentored by Palansh Agarwal, Divyanshu Rawat and Kumar Uttpal. Hackathon started as per the scheduled time with 25+ enthusiastic teams. Each team comprised of max. of 4 members. All the teams had to start from scratch and end with a working prototype within the next 12 hours.

My Projects & Time in Hackathon :

My teammate was Rahil Patel. It was our first hackathon.
In the very beginning, we had in mind the simple idea of making a Review Form using Database. It was meant to be used to give instant reviews about an event by its attendees. It had optional ratings from 1 to 10 for each category (introduction, context, explanation of a lecture; sound, singer, venue of a concert; etc..) and also, an average calculator of reviews of each category, providing the summary of whole review.

We were working over this idea, meanwhile Divyanshu told us about Facebook Graph APIs, how useful and cool those were. Basically, these APIs provide you with every information shared about your friends in Facebook profile and use it in the way developers want to.
So, we decided to drop our idea and try to build something with Graph APIs. We made a Python code to run a loop among the Female friends with Relationship Status as ‘Single’ along with their DOB, Hometown, in order to get list of all ‘Single Girls of our Age in our Locality’ in our Facebook profile. We, of course, did like our idea of making such a project. We were working over it but Palansh wanted us to make something which could be useful to all, and not only to desperate single guys like us. :’D He suggested us to come up with some project which is genuine but less creepy. :’P We still wanted to complete the project first as it could be much of help for us, but as we didn’t had enough time, we dropped this idea too.

Further, we googled for ‘Hackathon ideas over which Front End Developers could work’ and found something cool. We decided to make a Google Chrome Extension which records the time you surfed over selected websites, which we thought will be helpful for those who want to manage their time which they waste over social media. We almost completed the project and it was working, & I decided to add some more features as well. I was trying to add a feature which enables user to block those selected sites after certain entered time-limit. But anyhow, this project got rejected for copying a couple of files and idea not being original. After working for 7 hours straight over 3 different projects, tired of being rejected, we simply quit. :’D

Still, I am working over the Extension, upgraded it with a couple of new features. Discussed it with Kuldeep Singh Grewal and he gave me amazing ideas about how I could upgrade it further, which I would surely apply to it later. :’)

My Experiences :

This hackathon gave an opportunity to think out of the box and think innovatively in terms of ideas and technologies which is extremely important for an IT guy. I have learned new skills, got familiar with APIs, made some new contacts and took the best out of those 7 hours.

Moreover, I am happy that my Extension’s Github repository got 10+ stars. :’D The Chrome Extension is called Surf Record.


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